Berg LipidTech AS (BLT) supplies a variety of fully refined natural fish oils in addition to concentrated Omega-3 oils in the form of Triglycerides or Ethyl Esters. We can also provide special blends of fatty acids, flavor modifiers, and natural antioxidants according to the requests made by our customers.

All products are delivered with a Certificate of Analysis showing compliance with official regulations and standards (like Pharmacopoeiae), and requirements received directly from our customers` specifications.

Examples of products which we deliver on a regular basis can be found in the table below, however, the list is by no means exhaustive. Please contact BLT in order to receive product specifications, quotes and delivery terms.

Omega-3 concentrates:
45-10 TG/EE EPA min 45% and DHA min 10%
40-20 TG/EE EPA min 40% and DHA min 20%
33-22 TG/EE EPA min 33% and DHA min 22%
20-40 TG/EE EPA min 20% and DHA min 40%
10-50 TG/EE EPA min 10% and DHA min 50%

Friend of the Sea certified   

Natural fish oils:
Salmon oil EPA and DHA 100-280 mg/g
Cod liver oil EPA 7-16% and DHA 6-18%
18-12 fish oil EPA min 18% and DHA min 12%