R & D

BLT is committed to develop new processing methods for marine lipids which provide products with superior quality at as lowest cost as possible.

An important factor of fish oil quality is the smell and taste properties, however the use of qualified and trained taste panels are both costly and time consuming. BLT is interested in developing instrumental methods for the unbiased assessment of fish oil which can replace the use of human taste panels. Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) has been shown to be the most promising instrumental method available (Inge Bruheim, LCGC Europe, March, 2009). Providing sensitivity, speed and the possibility of automation it is likely to be an important tool for the fish oil industry in the years to come.

Enzymes are natural catalysts with optimum selectivity which operate under mild conditions and have for these reasons found their role in a range of applications in the lipid industry. BLT wants to be part of these developments as the use of industrial enzymes grows into new areas. Hence BLT is investing in R&D activities and this will ensure the company a proprietary position in the field of enzymatic methods for lipid modifications.